Learning to learn!

I just finished up reading the foundational book for CBASP therapy, which is the Cognitive Behavioral Analysis System of Psychotherapy.  This is the type of therapy I will be researching with my mentor, however before getting very deep into our analysis, I needed to learn a lot more about what we were actually researching.  While I originally thought that this was just another type of therapy to treat depression, it was in fact much more.  I learned that this type of intervention specifically targets individuals that are suffering from chronic depression, which for many people, can last more than a decade.  By focusing behavior change from the perspective that each behavior you have results in a specific consequence (whether positive or negative) from your environment, this type of therapy aims to increase one’s awareness towards the effects that their behavior has on others.  Upon realizing these effects, one begins to act with more empathy and in a way which increases the chances of obtaining their desired results.  Not only did I learn about a specific type of therapy, but from learning about behavior change mechanisms in general, I can make my own positive lifestyle changes.

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