My Internship Mentors #4

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Most people when they intern at companies are assigned one internship supervisor that helps them through their internship and makes sure they get a lot out of the experience. At Visi Productions, I was lucky enough to have two amazing mentors/internship supervisors that taught me so much throughout my summer internship.

The first mentor/internship supervisor is Brandon Rais, he was the person I spent the most time with on my first day in the office, on that day he went through every job description almost word by word. Thirty pages worth of different camera jobs that I would be a part of during my time at the company. Then we spent the rest of the day practicing with the slider/testing how good I was a taking direction with the camera. Just after that first day, I found him so easy to talk to and he was always asking questions about my future plans. Then when we were on shoots together, if we had down time, he would tell me about his previous experiences when he was trying to become a photographer in the professional world. It was amazing to hear about his experiences and advice about how communicate with all types of people. He gave me the confidence to reach out and show my enthusiasm for the film industry, “the worst thing they can do is say no thanks”.

The second mentor/internship supervisor in Evis Mecolli, he was the person who first interviewed me and was on all but one of the shoots I did. Evis was always giving me constructive feedback when it came to my shots and when I did something good he was sure to let me know as well. He never treated me like I didn’t know what I was doing, even when I didn’t have confidence in my abilities, he always trusted me and never put pressure on me. His main goal was to make sure I was learning and gaining the knowledge I needed to go into the industry. His friendly personality made me feel welcome when I was new to the group. Also as a boss he was very understanding when it came to knowing everyone’s limits, he had very good communication skills that I am still learning from. Especially in the fast paced film industry communication is everything, he always will emphasize that communicating early helps with planning and staying organized.

The rest of my co-workers/fellow filmmakers (Ashley, Eni, and Daniel) at Visi Productions gave me amazing feedback and advice when it came to shooting as. I learned an unbelievable amount while on the job at all the weddings I was apart of. I can confidently say the best part about this internship was all the people I worked with. They made the long days on the job in the wedding chaos and cramps of sitting in chairs editing for hours on end more enjoyable.

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