My Time at “The Storiers” | #2

After the first week or so things were going smoothly regarding my assignments, I was completing work with positive feedback and I was genuinely getting better at editing. I however, would say that things weren’t getting any better on the social side of things which, in my opinion, is just as important to any business. On the first day when I was included in the vlog I received the nickname “Intern Chris” within the video, at first I figured this would just be some silly one time thing to greet me into the company, however to my surprise this was not the case. From then on, I was then only referred to as “Intern Chris” both in and out the office for the rest of the Internship. At first, this was not too much of a big deal to me but overtime it became to become really annoying. It came to a point were it had even negatively ruined a potential Networking Opportunity with a writer we were interviewing. During the interview I came to really respect the writer’s work and his overall advice for the publishing industry as a whole; However I can not say the same for how he views me at this point. I quickly was seen as a joke and was treated as such by the writer whenever I would mention a possible way for me to work with him in the future. All for the sack of me being “Intern Chris.” With that being within the first week of me being in the company, all of my mistakes where amplified by the surrounding party, to the point where I was then soley associated with those short comings. This wouldn’t have been such a big point for me if this was handled differently, however this simply left a very bad taste in my mouth. I wish stuff like this was handled a little bit more professionally.

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