My Virtru Experience and Why I Chose to Work There

My role was to be and a sales development representative Intern, which in this case was actually two different roles. The first being a traditional SDR for the company, but I also did sales operations work to analyze SDR and sales rep KPI’s. Beyond this, I analyzed data to narrow in on outbound opportunities to help the sales team become more effective when approaching this type of sales process. This dynamic gave me the opportunity to work with the marketing team as well which was very interesting to see how a marketing team works at a high-growth SaaS company.

I was interested in working at a data privacy tech company in DC because the company itself is growing very rapidly. From start to finish, almost 20 people (85 person company, full-time) joined the company. Beyond this, it is very important for me to work somewhere where the culture and product at fantastic, and Virtru delivered above and beyond, especially with these aspects. Since my role was in sales, I knew that the product had to be something that I believed in. I have always been passionate about individual privacy for citizens and so the idea of helping other organizations secure their content was instantly something that I became interested in. This company was a perfect size for me to experience because it was large enough to be established and had some serious momentum behind it but it was not so big that bureaucracy took its toll on the team’s ability to be effective. In terms of the location, D.C. is one of my favorite cities that I have been to so I knew that the location would be exciting, and there was so much that I had not explored yet.

In the end, it was a combination of all of the above that drew me to work at Virtru. It is a great company, that is only going to continue to grow and be successful in the future.


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