new reflections #5

During the last few remaining weeks at CEW+, I have started to reflect on what I will take away from my summer. There were lots of complex situations happening during the summer that I took very nonchalantly. The space that CEW+ provided me was not only one of a professional experience but also a lesson on mindful practices. A significant factor that was challenging throughout my experience at CEW+ was my health. Mentally and physically taking care of yourself is more difficult to execute than to plan in my opinion. This experience gave me a lot to think about in terms of the working environment our generation is headed into and the stressors that will inevitably come. I have realized that transparency is key. When one is upfront and honest with what’s going on with (transparent), it is much easier to seek and obtain the support one needs. This should be practiced in multiple avenues of life, especially the working environment. Based on my own personal experiences during this summer, it can only benefit you to be honest. Doors start opening mysteriously as if the support you were previously anxious about was nothing but a mere memory. Consistent practicing in professionalism and honesty, I think a sweet spot can be hit. I sure hit mine. When you need help, it is always good to seek help. You learn exactly what you need to thrive and succeed.

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