Radio Opportunity!

As my internship is closing I have been really reflecting on my time spent with QUAD. My two mentors were recently on the radio talking about QUAD and the impact they wish to have on students. In order to waive fees and provide students with a free program Quad has to do major fundraising. From walking door to door passing out flyers, to the anniversary benefit a lot of the focus this summer has been in finding funding to support the academic school year. In order to increase their chances of hitting their target they began selling Planners designed for high school seniors. These planners has space for students to stay up to date with all of their work, but they also have tips and tricks to stay ahead of the College Application process. I’ve spent hours proofreading and providing input on what should be in the planner and things that may be a bit redundant. It is such an amazing opportunity that I can sit in a room with both of these amazing women and feel like my voice is also being heard. My favorite thing about the binder is the timeline included!  The timeline tells students when FAFSA should be filled out, when essays should be submitted, and when application fees are due. This is the perfect tool to keep students on track and aware of each step of the process. I just think about how helpful these tools would have been for me during my application process, or even now that I am applying for grad school soon.



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