Teamwork Makes the Dream Work #3

On my first day of the job, an intern told me with a smile that “teamwork makes the dream work.” Though a little corny, the proverb turned out to be an important one for the next six weeks. We were fortunate to have a high ratio of adults to teens for this session of the Hands of Wonder Garden Program. This made our work in the garden go more smoothly, because we were able to break into small groups, but it especially came in handy for our afternoon activities and discussions. More eyes and ears on the teens meant we could notice potentially negative behaviors early and prevent them from becoming bigger issues. We all knew what needed to be done and tried to work together seamlessly to make it happen.

I got along well with everyone on my team, but I especially enjoyed working with people my age. We got closer as the weeks progressed and hung out after work a few times. This not only made my time in Portland more enjoyable, but also made us stronger coworkers, because we were better able to support each other at work. Getting to know your coworkers is an important part of any job, and I was lucky to have such a great team at Hands of Wonder.

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