The Complete End | #6

My time with the Conceptual Development Lab through the MSPICED program is officially over. I have spent the past ten weeks working with amazing interns and great kids. As I say goodbye to MSPICED, I have been given the wonderful opportunity to continue my work with my PI and another mentor from the business school. Here I was able to secure funding to continue with my research position through this fall semester. I had to say goodbye to many of my friends and my positions that allow me to interact with children regularly, but I will still be able to continue studying topics in psychology and furthering our research.

My advice to anyone in the field of psychology, considering their next steps in a career or furthering their education is to fully submerge yourself into all your possibilities. If I had not been fully submerged in my long hours of research for weeks this summer, I would have never had known that it may not be for me. I would never have learned my specific interests or how I wish to work on more applied research and training than a PhD would bring me. At the University of Michigan, as well as I’m sure other universities, we are very pushed to be research oriented. For that reason, I thought a PhD would be the only answer so I never thought of other possibilities. Working for a lab during the school year for 9-12 hours a week couldn’t possibly prepare me for a full-time research position. This is why I think it is so important to test all the options you may consider liking; shadow that psychiatrist, check out other programs so you don’t just fall into one without knowing what is out there.

I appreciate this experience so much and I have learned so much through it. Without the LSA Scholarship funding there would have been no way for me to stay in Ann Arbor and work unpaid through this exceptional program. I have learned so much about myself, my future and my field in the matter of ten weeks. I am so grateful for this opportunity and to the opportunity it led me to for this fall. I encourage everyone to push themselves a little harder and farther to obtain experience and I applaud the LSA Scholarship Fund for allowing so many students to have this opportunity.

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  • August 29, 2018 at 3:57 pm


    Thanks for posting this final reflection now that you’re at the conclusion of your experience – I’m so glad to hear that it was a significant and transformative one that has really informed your future plans!

    I love your advice regarding full immersion – it takes a ton of risk and energy to give all of ourselves to an experience and to buy in all the way, but in order to glean full value from an experience, this is an absolutely necessary step. Indeed, you never know what an opportunity is like until you live through it, and it’s really incredible how quickly and powerfully our perceptions and desires can change when our preconceived notions are challenged. I am so happy that you were able to identify a route that is more well-suited to your strengths and what you want to get out of your professional life.

    Congratulations on wrapping up this summer experience, and also for receiving and opportunity to continue this work in another capacity moving into the fall!



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