The Education Bubble – What Internships Provide Students

An internship is a great opportunity to get outside the university bubble and experience what work is like in a given field. I found that many of the issues that are pressing to students are not at the forefront for working adults. As a student, focused on entering the energy industry after college, renewables are the talk of the town on campus, and simply mentioning interest or support of fossil fuels is viewed very negatively. I think that this is because it is easy to be against something such as oil and gas when most college students do not understand the larger dynamic. Of course, it would be great to live in a world, or even a country where all our energy came from renewable sources, but currently the technology and the economics are not there for a number of reasons. And from what I can tell, this is not going to change for a while. I talked with a recent graduate and it was interesting to hear how she went through this moment while transitioning from student to working adult; realizing that fossil fuels were necessary.

I think this example of a dangerous side-effect of the university system, as it is a system that focuses on bringing together a lot of young, smart individuals together, there is a lack of realism present that leads students to believe in idealistic scenarios. This can lead to great achievements, but more often leads young adults to have a false sense of how the world works. I am no exception to this rule and think that this problem should be examined critically for the success of future generations. For all the good the current education system brings, modern improvement may help solve this discrepancy along with many others. The internship is a necessary counter-balance to the traditional classroom learning.

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