Thinking Back: What Advice I’d Give to Me in May

First, I would acknowledge that campaigns are not for everyone. The hours are unusual and the work is consuming. Being patient with yourself as you learn new tricks of the trade and get to know the candidate and fellow campaigners better is critical to success. Being patient with others is just as important – no job is independent of another’s, and it can be exhausting to demand answers when everyone is managing many responsibilities. 
Further, I would say you get out of this work what you put into it. Part of the reason I was given heightened responsibility because I demonstrated a curiosity to learn more. Because everyone is so busy, it can take a reminder for staffers to slow down and show others how to do a certain task. Delegating responsibilities is hard, so taking the initiative to ask for that to be done is incredibly helpful and can take any campaign experience to the next level. 
I wish I knew not to take things personally at the beginning of the campaign – I think I could have been more of a team player had I been able to separate someone’s opinion of me from the constructive criticism they had about my work. I am fortunate for how much I have grown. 
Finally, campaigns often require campaigners to travel to a new district, often in a new state or region of the country. Getting to know the needs of the district is incredibly helpful in being able to perform at your best. 

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