What’s Luck Got To Do With It?

I never expected to be during an internship at The National Forum this summer.  Not because I don’t have the required skills or the intelligence, but rather because I never thought I’d get so lucky.  I believe in luck.  I’m a Sagittarius so believing in luck is kind of a must.

What makes me feel so lucky working at the National Forum?  Well, I’ll name just a few “how lucky I’m I” here:

  1. The office environment is peaceful and productive.
  2. Staff at the National Forum are friendly, kind, and helpful to one other.
  3. My bosses treat me as an equal and respect my ideas and opinions.
  4. Sometimes, I get to work from home.
  5. I believe in the mission that the Forum has taken on.
  6. I like the people who work in the office, and even better, they like me.
  7. I get to work with a favorite person of mine, to which I admire highly.
  8. I’m surrounded by grad students.
  9. I’m trusted with work that is important.
  10. There is always something to do.

I have worked in places that weren’t a peaceful environment, or certain coworkers didn’t get along, which creates tension in the work environment.  But the Forum is different.  Each day when I arrived at the Forum, I was greeted with smiles and “good mornings” as I made my way to my desk where I paused in a moment of gratitude.  The gratitude of being so lucky to be here; surrounded by kind co-workers and a vital mission that weaved into the surrounding work.  Perhaps luck had nothing to do with me being an intern at the Forum, but partly, I would like to think it did.  I know me getting the position is based on my work ethic and future career aims but adding luck in the mix just sounds a bit magical.  Perhaps luck had nothing to do with me getting this internship, yet I do know that I am grateful for this opportunity, which leaves me saying, “man, I am lucky to be working here at the Forum.”

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