Wrapping Up…..

And at last, after one of the most challenging 4 months of my life, I finally ended my internship at FriendsLearn Inc. It had been a roller coaster ride in Chennai. The learning curve involved had been immense, much greater than what I had expected. Nevertheless, the stubbornness of not giving up and seeing it all the way through is what made this internship worth it’s while. Another benefit was the ability to work in conjunction with the design team, scale out entire projects and set definitive goals for the completion of those projects. All this made it a wholesome experience.

Apart from professional growth, I had the opportunity to connect with some beautiful and lovable people, specially my two mentors. It was hard having to say goodbye to such wonderful people, the thought that my future workplace ambiance might not always be like this.

My time in Chennai has left me with tons of memories. There were many ups and downs, and then there were the specifically bad days. I intend on bringing all of them back. The good ones will form my memories of the last 4 months. The rest will help me mature and grow in my personal and professional life.

Go Blue!

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