#1 | Training

The word nervous doesn’t fully encompass how I felt as I walked into my first day of training. I had heard multiple horror stories from past interns detailing their struggles to keep up while instructors rapidly listed off the most crucial Excel shortcuts and yelled when fumbling students reached for their mouses. These anecdotes were laughably far from the truth. Training week was honestly a great time for me as I learned more about finance and met tons of brilliant interns. I even found learning the jargon to be fascinating, as complex terms were broken down and simplified.


Even though I had never taken a course on finance, I found myself occasionally raising my hand to answer questions from the instructor and surprising myself even more by getting them correct. Training week also served as the perfect environment for interns to start pairing off into their respective friend groups for the duration of the program. I was incredibly lucky to immediately meet the other interns in my division and we immediately started grabbing coffees together and sitting with one another at lunch sessions. This week not only taught me an abridged guide to the entire world of financial services but also served as the place where I met some of my closest friends this summer.


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