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June 18, 2018

Hey Nina,

You really like your placement. You’re always busy, and you’re posed to learn so many new things this summer. You’ve created flyers and an Eventbrite for a training program, spent a few days researching Home Repair programs for Delray residents, and tried your luck at ArcGIS.

What you’ve spent most of your time doing though, is writing up the Case Study questions you’ll be asking the participants of the Bridging Neighborhoods Program.

A little background: the Bridging Neighborhoods Program is technically a City program in the Housing and Revitalization Department. The BNP was created in June of last year (funnily enough on your birthday) for the purpose of “connecting Delray families to New Homes in Great Neighborhoods.” The program does this through the “Home Swap” method, where owners can choose to swap their home in for a land bank house that will be rehabbed specifically for them. It’s a program that simultaneously grants Delray residents–who have been subject to terrible pollute conditions–a home in a new neighborhood, and grants residents in partially vacant Detroit blocks new neighbors.

Your project is to interview residents who have participated in the program and to try and gain from their experience what we can do to make the process more inclusive to all Delray residents, and to hear from community members their concerns.

You’re really excited to hear from the residents themselves, and to sit down with the other members of your program to share all that you’ve learned.

You have gotten a few revised work plans for the summer, so things may change, but for now you’re just excited for the road ahead.

I hope your day is honey,


P.S. It’s crazy that seven days from now you’ll be a third of the way through the program. But it’s not that crazy because seven days is also 50% of the time you have been in this program, and you look at time incorrect, so don’t worry too much

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