#2 | Mentorship

Hands down, my favorite part of the internship program was the mentorship I was able to receive from full-time employees at the institution. At the beginning of the summer I was matched with three different employees at the bank across three different divisions. One mentor was assigned through my direct internship program to be my “buddy”; my buddy was first-year analyst and a former sophomore intern who served as a person who I could talk to about my experiences as a sophomore intern and provide advice on how to navigate the process smoothly. My second mentor was also assigned through my internship program but was higher up and worked within one of the divisions I rotated in and was great to speak to about starting a career at the firm. I actually found out she was my mentor a few weeks late and I wish I had known the first day because she gave incredible advice and gave me confidence in my decision to pursue this path.  


My final mentor at the bank and I became very close as she was assigned to me through a women’s network. She was great to come to whenever I had a silly question that I would have been too embarrassed to ask anyone else and she sat with me and the other sophomore interns and helped us with our final project. I truly don’t think we would have been half as good without her help! I was even lucky enough to have a mentor assigned to me through the LSA Summer Mentorship Program! My fourth mentor was a bit different than the others because he worked as an attorney for the city of Manhattan. I came into college thinking I was pre-law and still sometimes believe that I will eventually end up at law school. This mentor and I bonded over our love for Michigan, triathlons, and environmentalism and I am truly grateful for his support this summer. Four mentors sounds like a lot but their wisdom and guidance made this summer an amazing experience!

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