#4 – People and Places

One of the most beneficial things I received from my internship this summer is all the people I’ve met and new connections I’ve made. Coming into a field internship with no field experience was a bit intimidating for me, but once I met my supervisor and coworkers I knew everything would be okay.

On my very first day I happened to already know one of my coworkers, Kyle. He’s the house president of the co-op I’ll be living in this upcoming school year, and it was a big relief to already know someone I’d be working with.

My supervisor, Jacqueline, is truly one of the most knowledgable, passionate, and caring people I have ever met. She was right at home in the field and seemed to truly enjoy every second of it. By sight alone she could easily identify and name almost every plant or tree we encountered, easily over 200 different species. She taught me how to identify countless plants, even ones we weren’t studying. I’ve even learned how to find edible wild berries and morels!

In addition, over the summer she became an amazing mentor to me and a valuable resource for the future. It was really helpful to be able to talk openly with someone who was in the later stages of a career path that I’m highly considering. She’s helped me clarify some of my future goals and offered advice on how to get there.

Outside of work, she introduced me to some of the best food I’ve had in Ann Arbor. I tried homemade crispy bacon at Eat and amazing quiche at Juicy Kitchen, but my most memorable food experience was at El Harissa Market Cafe, a small North African restaurant about 10 minutes from campus. It was my first time trying North African food and every bite was absolutely delicious. On top of the amazing food, they also make their own gelato (which is by far the best I’ve ever had).

Overall, I think the people I worked with helped make my internship as enjoyable as it was, and I couldn’t imagine a more pleasant group of people to work with.

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