Final Thoughts

For my final blog post, I Wanted to reflect on my internship in general. Unfortunately, I didn’t love it. There were definitely pros and cons, though. The thing I liked most was the variety of things I got to work on and be involved in. There was a decent amount of opportunity to learn more and work with more people.

What I didn’t like as much was the lack of management. To get anything done or do something, you had to be incredibly self motivated. No one was checking up on me making sure I had something to do or that I was getting something done, and I think that extra push can be helpful. Additionally, it kind of made me feel like what I was doing wasn’t important and that my presence wasn’t necessary. I sort of had a manager, but she wasn’t involved in what I did as an intern because that wasn’t her department. Understandably, that made it much more difficult for her to be present as a manager.

I learned that I liked that kind of work, though I’m not sure I want to work in politics. The public affairs side of it was great, and all in all I’m so glad I had the opportunity to do this. It wouldn’t have been possible without the Opportunity Hub, and I am so grateful for the grant they gave me.

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