Internship Post: Food Memories

This summer for our college and cultural enrichment tour, we took the students to New Orleans, Louisiana. We hired a tour guide to guide us through the city, give us a history lesson/insight to the city of New Orleans, and share a little bit about all of the places listed on our itinerary. Although this was all created for the enrichment of the students, I enjoyed every minute of the trip. We ate creole and New Orleans style food the entire time we were there. I believe my favorite entree was the shrimp and crawfish etoufee. Everything about it was so good! The sauce and the seasonings were very flavorful. They students enjoyed it too! Everyone had at least 3 bowls! My favorite desert was fresh beignets in the French Quarter. The beignets were very fresh and soft. I am not a fan of coffee, but some of my students enjoyed a hot cup of joe with their dessert. We also ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp, tried authentic gumbo, and tried a  New Orleans style po boy sandwich.

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