Looking Forward (finale) #6

Beginning this final post, I am about to move into a new apartment and start my fifth and final year at the University of Michigan. There are many things that this summer has given me and I am finally in the space to digest all of it. Interning at CEW+, I have given myself the much needed clarity that I was on the hunt for. My goals started to reveal themselves towards the end of my internship and I decided that was okay! I could define success on my own terms, achieve it by my own rules, and build a life I am proud to live starting with this decision. Thank you Sweeney. I stepped out of my comfort zone. This opportunity to try new things and take on a new role helped me challenge myself. Even if I had no clue on how to do a certain project, I still took it on. I took revisions and sought critique and clarity. Towards the end of my internship, I would not only ask questions but also advice; about my major, college plans, study interests, feedback on performance. CEW+ is full of amazing and empowered women who want to empower other women. It was the perfect place to grow. My environment was exactly where I needed to be in, I just had to use my resources creatively. Think more mindfully. Applying for grad school and beginning my last year, I have great connections and more tools than I could have asked for. I am so very grateful!

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