Meet our new friends !

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!
As our last week in Albania was approaching my friend, Payton and I discussed going to the large market place in Tirana to pick up some last minute things. We went back and forth about actually going or not because it was extremely hot outside and lastly last second we decided to go. As we walk by one of the stores we hear some english speaking voices and we decided to stop and see who it was. Out walks a group of handsome boys who also had heard us speak english and stopped to introduce themselves. We started to walk around the marketplace with them and learned that they were from England and had came to Albania for a wedding. The guys were in a rush trying to find outfits for the night but we got their contact and ended up meeting them at a waterpark the next day. We became very close in two days went out and got to know one another and the picture below is taken at a bar that we would usually go to 2 hours before Payton and I had to hop on a plane back to America. It’s crazy the people you will meet and the adventures that will come just by making a small decision to go to the market. We now have friends abroad and are planning our next trip to go visit them or to meet up somewhere.

Stay tuned for my last blog post!


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