My Future Starts Now | #6

“How has this internship influenced your (near) future school, career, or life plans?”

From the perspective of Ashley of the Past

I wish. I dream. I try. I will succeed, one day. Right now, I guess I’m aren’t there yet. Not that I’m not good enough, but I’m in middle school. College has so many more opportunities that await your arrival. When I get there, I will be great. Right now, I’ll just do the best I can.

From the perspective of Ashley of the Present

I am TIRED. But this summer was so productive. It has been my busiest one yet. I have not had a break that allows me mental downtime which I see the necessity of now more than, but I worked; I learned; I experienced; I helped; and more importantly, I’ve grown. This point in my life once seemed so far away and now it’s here. I had my first real world work experience in an office, with professionals, who happened to be people who supported me throughout my life to get me to this point. But, I am befuddled as to what this time over the summer has meant to me. Thankfully, this internship continues through the school year, so we’ll have to wait and see what’s in store…

From the perspective of Ashley of the Future

As I sit here and write this message, I am reflective. I am grateful. I am patient. Every moment that follows another is considered the future, and although I have big expectations for my future, I cannot label nor describe it, for I am waiting with great expectancy to experience the beauty that is my life. College is no game – I am using it do experience, develop, network and learn not only in the classroom, but in every other atmosphere I exist within. I am thankful for all of my experiences thus far and for those that are yet to come, for they will make me into the woman I was created to be.


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