My Research Adviser

When I started searching for physics related research to get involved with at the beginning of the summer, I took a look at the biophysics department mostly because I had no idea what biophysics was. Now I know (a little) more, and I have to thank Professor Qiong Yang for giving me that opportunity.


Qiong graduated with a physics BS from University of Science and Technology of China in 2003. Interestingly enough, during her time there she conducted research on Feynman diagrams and their application to massive particles. After that she bounced between prestigious universities, i.e. MIT Stanford and Harvard, until she came here to be a Professor of Biophysics. Although I don’t know her work prior to Michigan intimately, it is clear that she has been innovating since she started doing research. She developed a new method for tracking single cells as a grad student that is still used in MIT labs today.


Her research seems to be scanning across every aspect of the mechanics which drive individual cells to operate as consistently and robustly as they do. The papers listed on her CV touch on a variety of topics relating to the cell, and for each questions she appears to have an original, creative idea to advance our understanding.

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