NYU Internship #4

Summer in the city carried on. As I learned the pros and cons of maintaining my own schedule I began to make more effective use of my time. I am a person who loves ritual and routine, and the repetition helps me hold myself accountable. It was easy to lose yourself in the city, so I organized my days around my goals and what I wanted to accomplish each day and week. I woke at 8:30, got dressed, ate a quick breakfast, and walked to the office. On Fridays I made a detour to my favorite bagel place to grab an everything bagel and small coffee ($3 total….I love New York), and ate it in Washington Square Park. At work I made french press coffee with my coworkers and settled into a few hours of literature review or program testing. I would then meet up with my other lab coworkers in the afternoon to collect field data–a very hot and tiresome task. We took frequent breaks and learned when to call it quits. Some days were better than others. Often, I’d meet up with friends in the evening to go see free outdoor movies in Bryant Park, or small concerts in Brooklyn. I’d come home, go to sleep, and do it all over again. And while my ritual helped me feel more comfortable in the city, it also made time fly by.

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