NYU Internship #5

Near the end of my internship I began to meet with graduate students and lab managers to discuss their experiences at NYU. I wanted to get a feel for the vibe and mentality of the program; I wanted to see if people were happy here. If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that your relationship with your adviser and with the program you choose will define your experience. I received countless pieces of advice: to worry only about research, or only about letters of recommendation, to ignore my GRE score, to make sure I meet a certain percentile. All of this conflicting information was at once helpful and confusing. Applying to graduate school is a daunting and ambiguous process. While receiving differing advice is mostly unhelpful, I was more concerned with gauging individual experiences. Some people applied once and were accepted to the schools of their dreams. Others applied multiple times, holding out for a program they liked. Most concerning about this was that there was no rhyme or reason as to who got in and who didn’t–it was subjectivity in its purest form. This aspect of my internship was deeply and profoundly helpful to understanding where I stood in relation to my peers, and for getting a better idea of what I would soon be getting into.

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