Onward | #6

This campaign was my first, and to be quite honest, there was a very real possibility that it could have been my last. It exposed a whole new world of ugliness, political pettiness, and convoluted bureaucracy. The intricacies of election strategy and the looming shadow of the Michigan Democratic Party were equal parts admirable and intimidating. Working within the communications department spelled out an entire other challenge; how to balance consuming so much feedback with limited control over decision-making.

Yet I emerge more committed than ever to continue working in this field. Whether it was sweat-drenched canvasses in hostile, Red territory or early mornings monitoring the latest publications, this work is rewarding in an indescribable way. It’s the grunt work which goes into building a better world. And I am addicted.

I plan to pursue coursework in political science this Fall semester, abandoning the pre-medical track I was on merely a season ago. This internship confirmed something in me which I wasn’t aware of previously.

It offers up a new frontier.

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