Post Internship Reflections

Now that my time is done I get to think about what matters. Was it worth it? I think it definitely was even though I wasn’t actually working in a role I see myself in down the line. Full-time positions begin with a rotational program too so what can I even bring into that. Well there is actually a lot. Really whatever I am doing in the future I am better prepared for as a result of the independent environment and entrepreneurial environment of the internship. It was the most independent position I’ve had and the ways I learned to deal with that are some of the most marketable skills I have as I look at future opportunities. Stuff like time-management, prioritization, and how to reach out to different people across the business. I also learned how to refine my internal communication skills from the feedback I got from my manager regarding my updates on multi-versioned projects I worked on. Really this internship was both interesting and informational. I am glad I got the opportunity to be at Morningstar and in Chicago.Image result for chicago

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