5. Pride Weekend

This weekend was pride and it was a dream. I think San Francisco might be the best city to experience it in. It’s a full on weekend-long holiday! Going out at night and hearing people wishing each other a happy and safe pride was so wonderful. I think I’ve found that inclusivity is just very characteristic of this city. Most people I’ve met have offered to introduce me to more of their friends and those friends have been so genuinely interested in meeting me and having a good time together.
I got to walk in the actual parade with Congresswoman Pelosi’s contingency and that was a whole experience by itself. The interns got there early to help distribute t-shirts, signs, flags, buttons, and tons more colorful accessories to prepare the group. We met Leader Pelosi before the parade started and she graciously thanked us for being her interns, then we led the parade. We danced in the streets, handed out more colorful gear, and wished the crowds a happy pride. We even made it on a slideshow by the San Francisco Gate online newspaper. But the most exciting part was getting to meet Senator Kamala Harris at the end of the parade and having her post the photo she took with us to her instagram. It was a very exciting weekend filled with celebration and lots of organization.

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