Riversoul Residence

Loven took a sabbatical from his position as General Manager at the Riversoul Residence during the low season, but he still came in occasionally to make sure things were running smoothly. When we went to do check-ins, we would check through everything — down to what the kitchen was stocked with. We needed butter because they had a large group coming in the following day. We went and picked it up. Even though he was in a position of leadership, nothing was too small for him to pay attention to. It wasn’t micromanaging, but it was paying mind to every aspect. He trusted his staff, but he was there to guide them as well. He gave me some of the best advice all summer: it’s in the details, and it will show.

He had designed the interior from scratch, both running the hotel and choosing and commissioning the art and murals throughout. He talked about how everything had a purpose and a meaning, but most importantly, it had a thought behind it. Everything was done intentionally and as a unite. He was clearly well liked by his staff, even though Loven himself was very firm about the expectations he had for his team.

Both Loven and his wife, Faith, work in the tourism industry and they talked about how to cater best to different kind of clients. His favorite part was getting to meet people he might have never met beforehand. He’s met NASA agents and foreign leaders, and he said its a whole entire universe you see from people by helping behind the scenes. But mostly he loved showing off Cambodia to others. That’s one of my best takeaways — pride in his work, down to the last detail.

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  • August 31, 2018 at 4:29 pm



    I am so glad to hear that this internship had such an impact on you and your professional goals! I think it is absolutely incredible you felt so supported by your supervisors and were able to be fully immersed in the culture.

    Now that your internship is over, it may be good to stay in touch with your mentors to get continual support while finishing her degree and deciding what to do with it! But I also think it may be beneficial to reflect on good and bad aspects of your internship and how it they link with your professional goals. Reflecting helps you to develop your skills and review their effectiveness, rather than just carry on doing things as you have always done them.

    But once again, I am so excited for you in hearing your internship wasn’t exactly what you expected, but maybe exactly what you needed to become passionate. I wish you luck in your future endeavors.



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