Starting Off

I know not everyone believes in faith, and I’m a skeptic of it myself sometimes. I remember applying for Summer internships in the basement of the Ugli right before final exams. I did a quick google search of political offices that interested me.

I had been born & raised in Michigan my whole life, so I always felt a connection to public service in my state. Local government didn’t interest me as much as working with actual legislation did, so I decided that interning at the House would be best for me. On the application to the state House of Reps, you are required to list your top 5 office preferences. Right under, you type out your top 5 policy interests.

When I reviewed my application one last time before submitting, I erased my second choice office and swapped it out for an office I thought would be less competitive.

This is where faith kicks in. I heard nothing for weeks, and pretty much accepted that I would be intern-less for the Summer. I scrambled together some applications for summer jobs and volunteer campaigns, but couldn’t help but check my email every few hours. You know, just in case.

One morning I woke up to an email from the office I had originally in my 2nd place slot! I knew just from my first few minutes in the office for my interview that was the office I belonged in. I was hired that day, and was super geeked about getting my official “intern pass” badge/photo ID.

In my journal, I wrote my goals for the internship were to come out with a better understanding of the legislative process. I also waned to see the ‘behind the scenes’ of what really happens in Lansing.

In my mind, I expected to be stuck running coffee to the staffers, since I figured all interns had to ‘pay their dues’. I was wrong! When I learned I would be talking to constituents, I instantly saw that as a challenge. I was anxious, especially when you don’t know if the person on the other end will be angry or extremely partisan. However, I remembered that I was in a great position to learn more about what the citizens of Michigan want, and on edge to know my stuff well so nothing left my dumbfounded.


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