Studying Medical Interns #5

With everything in life, as it seems, not everything always goes to plan. My internship is surely not an exception to this statement. My fourth internship blog highlighted some issues that we were having with the study iPhone application and I continued to speak about my independent data analysis that I was planning on diving right into and finalizing what would a four-six week project. However, there was a delay in obtaining the data we collected on our subjects from the cohort that I was using for my data analysis. Since I could not work with the numbers, I decided to spend my time doing some research that was planned but put aside. Although this is the beginning stages of this secondary research, I felt like it was better to start it rather than take time off and be unproductive. The topic of the research would be the importance and usefulness of mobile app technology and wearable technology such as a fitbit activity sensor. The study team I work with has developed an app that provides an interactive interface that connects the subjects in the study to the work that is being done. This interface is where they enter their daily mood score as prompted by push notifications send to them by the application. This same interface is where subjects are able to monitor the mood data they provide to the study as well as sleep and health data such as steps that is connected via Fitbit wearable technology. Without this technology, it would be very difficult to collect continuous and reliable data on app participants that would advance the data collection and analysis of the study team in order to provide better support for the improvement of medical resident programs. Although it has its faults at times, technology helps us “track” over 2000 people and their hundreds of thousands of data points, something we can’t do manually. I am excited to further an official report on mobile technology as well as continue my independent research. My final blog post coming before the end of the month will highlight my progress at the end of the internship and what my plans are with the lab in the future.


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