Takeaways – Journal #5

Being a political science major, I have learned about about various political systems, leaders, movements, and how to conduct political research, but my internship experience, for the most part, has been all new to me this summer. Nothing beats first-hand experiences, especially when it comes to understanding the amount of work that needs to be put in in order to run an effective campaign. Especially for a campaign that was so focused on building itself from the ground up. Classes that focus in on community building or organizing allow students to develop the proper skills to implement when trying to engage with a particular community, and watching Anuja take different levels of approach to establish a connection with voters, business-owners, etc. was eye-opening.

As a part of the social media team, it was my objective to make sure I portray Anuja’s values properly. In order to make sure that those values are parallel with the content that we post online. As a reference, the campaign had a document that had the candidate’s position on different topics available to each member of the campaign. In past meetings where much of the campaign team has come together, there hasn’t been much conflict over national /communal topics. Other aspects of a campaign like how to go about organizing an event, public mailers, may draw some discussion, but nothing too extreme. Being a part of those meetings, it was enlightening to see Anuja really take differing opinions into consideration without shutting anything down immediately.

Mira, one of the marketing interns, is only a Freshman I believe, but she is nearly always on top of her game always communicating and getting her work done. I only heard that she was a freshman at the beginning of the year, but it goes to show that if you really dedicate time you can make an impact.

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