Wrapping things up #6

The summer has been quite busy and very much so hectic. In the beginning of the summer I thought I would have a lot more down time outside of my internship, however, things did not go that way (and I am very happy they did not).

One of my concerns going into the internship was that I would not be able to do many different types of works since the company had such a specialized focus. The Birds Nest Internship program allowed me to explore different types of film making and especially made me consider the possibility of going into the realm of documentary/social film making as well as possibly exploring commercial film making. Before I started the internship, I was set in the idea that I only wanted to work on fiction whether it be film or TV.

Thanks to exploring different types of projects each week as well as being introduced/exposed to different creators in different industries, I have reconsidered my ideas about my future. Documentary film making seems a lot more interesting to me now especially since I can use them not only to help tell peoples stories, but also begin a movement to possibly change how things are in the world.

Being able to participate in this internship has not only allowed me to gain invaluable experience regarding video production and film making, but it has also exposed me to the possibility of following a different career path — one that I am excited about.

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