In Summary…

I really wasn’t expecting to love my experience working in Lansing. I always knew I wanted to work with policy, but I never knew to what extent/how. Because of the time I have spent interning this summer, I realized that working as a Legislative Aide is something I would enjoy. Although I got to see the not-so-glamarous side of politics: the long hours, no-pay, angry constituents, rough campaign seasons, etc.. my love for public service has grown stronger than ever.
Departing from Lansing hurts my heart a little, but I know I will be back. So I don’t see this last week as a “goodbye”, more of a “see you later”. I never considered working in Lansing until now. I see working with constituents and legislation as something that would be very fulfilling and exciting. Every staff member and elected official I have met has been nothing but kind and welcoming. I have been so surprised to see how bipartisan the environment actually is behind closed doors. I will never forget the past few months, and am so grateful I got to experience being an intern at the Michigan House of Representatives.

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