#3 MIRC Mentors

One of the amazing aspects of my internship this summer was all of the wonderful people I worked with. I have made friends at previous jobs but I have never been in an office full of such passionate and caring people. The people who are employed at MIRC work there because they are serious about helping people. All the staff their works tirelessly to support their clients. It is hard for me to pick one mentor because all of the people I worked with were wonderful and taught me a lot.

There were two women I worked with often that taught me a lot and I really enjoyed. One of the women demonstrated impeccable work ethic and commitment to her clients. She is absolutely brilliant and was always willing to explain new concepts to me. Because she was so willing to allow me to shadow her, I was able to learn about nonprofits and immigration law.

The other woman that I bonded with showed me how to empower our clients as well as ourselves. With jobs that are very emotionally draining it’s important to remember to take care of yourself.She demonstrated to me that love, kindness, empathy, and support are the best tools to empower people. Passing judgements and talking down to people is never appropriate. In general I saw a lot of similarities between us so it was very insightful to talk to her about her career path and life.

Telana K

Student at Umich.

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