#4 MIRC My Best Advice

Something I wish I had known at the beginning of my internship is that I shouldn’t be so harsh on myself and the importance of self care. I went into this internship thinking that I knew a lot about immigration. I was wrong. There was so much to learn. There were times where I felt very frustrated with myself for not knowing how to do something. I wish I had known to be kinder to myself and more patient. Yes, many things that I was exposed to at this internship was new to me but there isn’t anything wrong with that. I was doing my best to try to learn and improve at my job.

At this internship there were times where I felt emotional and sad about people’s situations. I left the internship feeling sad and upset. I wish I had known the importance of making time for self care. There are horrible things happening to people. I needed to give my self a space to calm down, appreciate my existence, and be happy. Because I did not do a good job including self care into my busy summer, I had a hard time processing things and not bring work home with me.

The combination of being so harsh on my learning process and being sad about people’s states made me feel like I was overall not doing a good job. Which was a horrible way to make myself feel and not true. My advice to someone working at non-profit or an organization that provides social services would be to be patient when it comes to your own learning. Ask all the questions! Also make time for self care and reach out to your co-workers or friends/family who maybe able to comfort you.

Telana K

Student at Umich.

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