A New Mentor

Earlier in my blog posts I spoke about how I believe fate led me to the office I am working in, but I think it is essential that I elaborate on that claim.

The same girl who interviewed me for the position has quickly become my mentor. Our constituent relations position is filled by one of the most empowering “Girl bosses” I know. Her name is Gabi, and she embodies everything I aspire to be in a few years. She started off as an intern, and was nothing but endlessly compassionate and insightful to me from the first day. Her internship is what helped her find her passion in politics, and this year she is starting law school. Gabi reminds me a lot of myself because of how dedicated to her career she is, and how great at her job she is. She knows every piece of legislation inside and out, but she presents it in an informative but gentle way. Watching her interactions with constituents and lobbyists has given me a structure of how I should aspire to interact. She has a way of making all people feel valued, but also knows how to hold her ground and stand for our representative’s values.

I can’t imagine this internship without Gabi’s friendship and guidance.

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