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My last few days at my internship were really great! The reporter I worked most closely with, Alejandra, took me to lunch and introduced me to another reporter from a different organization.  It was really cool to have the opportunity to meet a reporter from a larger print and ask her questions about her job.  Ultimately, having the opportunity to work at the BGA and work with Alejandra was a really cool opportunity.  Although some of my research was monotonous work, it was fulfilling to see the impact of my work come into fruition with the publication of the story on multiple news sources with my name in the by-line. From this experience though, I have come to the decision that journalism may not be for me (specifically print journalism). I would prefer to do more field work, working with people, and be more of an advocate than work to be an impartial, unbiased reference.  This internship helped me understand myself better, and gave me insight into the direction I want to steer my life.

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  • August 30, 2018 at 10:43 am

    Hello Gabrielle – I’m so glad to hear that your internship wrapped up on a positive note. The opportunity to connect with someone beyond your team sounds like it added to the insights you gained this summer about print journalism. The fact that you’ve identified your desire to have your field work feed into advocacy is also such an important perspective to have gained.

    As you think about that next step, I encourage you to consider stopping by the Hub – we’d be happy to help you think about how to translate the work you’ve done this summer into future application materials or get you started in exploring new opportunities. With this post, you’ve met your blogging requirements for the summer. Hope you’ve been able to enjoy some downtime since the conclusion of your internship!


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