Blog Post #1

May 8th, 2018

Although this is the beginning of my summer portion of the internship, I began the internship in early February. As a Political Science major, I had been interested in being involved in a campaign, and a close friend of mine recommended working for Gretchen Driskell due to the close proximity of the campaign’s headquarters and also because she appeared to be an extremely qualified candidate for the position. I applied and was hired on as a finance intern. My time with the campaign has been great, but I look forward to the increased role I will have on the campaign come summer. I have been told I will be given two special tasks once all the summer interns are settled in, one of which will involve me directly raising large quantities of money for the campaign. Working with large amounts of contributed funds from anxious donors will certainly be a challenge, but it’s an opportunity that I’m looking forward to getting my hands on because I believe it will greatly prepare me for professionally working on political campaigns within finance after I graduate. As of now, I am still researching potential donors that would be most likely to give to our campaign, which is a task I have been performing since my time on the internship started.

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