Blog Post #3

June 6th

It has been a very exciting time on the campaign because our team is rapidly growing! Our finance department has hired two new finance assistants which is great to see because it shows that our finance team is functioning so well that we needed to expand to handle the amount of contributions we receive 🙂  . Our field team is also actively growing in preparation to knock on doors within the district and to attend various events. We have attended a few parades which have been both very fun, and a great way to directly see and interact with our constituents. The constituents within the district are extremely varied, and hearing their personal stories and issues is extremely interesting, and is also a great motivator for me because I want to improve these peoples’ lives as much as possible, and I believe that our candidate is the best way to do that. I did have my first really unfortunate incident as a finance intern which came from a particularly hostile phone call from a constituent. The person was very angry for us calling them for contributions (which is not unusual), but this man in particular was very violent over the phone and was confusing our candidate, Gretchen Driskell, for Gretchen Whitmer who is running for governor. Deescalating these situations is something that I have been thoroughly trained on, but unfortunately there are some situations that cannot be resolved. Even though I had little control over the situation it’s still difficult to not feel responsible for possibly losing our campaign a contribution and a potential voter. My supervisors assured me that I did everything I could regarding the situation, and having a team that is as supportive as this team is makes it feel less like a campaign team and more like a family.

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