Blog Post #4

June 21st

After now actively canvassing in most of the areas within our district and making hundreds of phone calls, I am starting to get a more full understanding of the people who make up this district, and learning that they’re not so different from my own background. Our district is a rather conservative district, and I myself grew up in a very conservative area. Despite this fact, our Democratic race has been doing great, and that’s to the credit of Gretchen Driskell herself, and also our great campaign team. Despite many people identifying as Republicans, people are realizing that their current Republican candidate, Tim Walberg, is an inactive candidate who is putting forth very little effort to improve the lives of the people he is supposed to be representing and protecting. I come from a blue collar, lower-middle class background and this is largely the demographic of our constituents in Michigan’s 7th district. I am very proud of my family background, and this has made talking and relating to our constituents very easy because I can relate to many of the issues they are experiencing. It’s challenging listening to people talk about how their pensions have been stripped, which has been going on with my own family. My dad is currently organizing union efforts to combat this in his place of work. Hearing peoples’ issues and having great conversations about these issues motivates me to work hard, and confirms that I am in the right field of work. This internship has been fantastic because, despite being on the finance department, there are opportunities to interact with real people almost every day, and this bleed through effect with our field and finance departments is something I really appreciate. I plan on continuing to work hard because these people deserve someone that will fight for them, and because my own background mirrors many of our constituents it just further motivates me to improve these peoples’ lives through electing effective candidates like Gretchen Driskell.

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