Blog Post #5

August 8th

We won our primary!!!!! This is fantastic news because it means we are one more step closer to winning the general election and getting Gretchen Driskell in Congress. Our turnout rate for this year was triple that of the previous cycle, which is extremely great news because it shows that we are effectively mobilizing people to come out and vote. We have also raised over $1 million on the campaign which is another great milestone to hit. That $1 million comes directly from the hard work of everyone in our finance department, and knowing that my work has directly contributed to that number makes me feel great. I predicted that I would find a good mentor in this campaign, but I didn’t know that nearly everyone who is staff on this campaign would become a mentor. I have not only learned from my own mistakes, but I have also had the opportunity to learn from the mistakes of my mentors. I have such a greater general knowledge about political campaigns, and how they’re structured, and which campaigns have the most viable candidates, and have learned so much more that I don’t even know where to begin. I have formed very strong networks, and have essentially been assured that I will be able to find work on a campaign once I graduate. I have become a bit of a leader myself because I am one of the interns that has been on our finance team the longest, and when I’m teaching new interns how to perform the various functions of our finance intern roles is when I realize just how much I have learned through the course of this internship.

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