Blog Post Five


Throughout the course of this internship and this summer I have had many great experiences and have got to meet many interesting people. I’ve realized that honest heart to heart conversations between normal people is how you create change and get through to people. Knocking doors this summer I talked to many people  who do not vote, people who always vote for the other part, and people who just felt helpless. But, after talking to many people we both would end up realizing that we aren’t too different. We all want good jobs, roads, and schools and a better state and country. People want politicians who care and who want to make a difference and are invested in the communities that they are representing, and my candidate is one of those people. Talking about the issues on the doors, most people agree with that statement. One of the most memorable conversations I had on the doors was with an older man (probably mid 60s-70s) in early June. He started the conversation apprehensive. He said he usually votes Republican, but this administration has been disappointing to him. At this time we were doing issue based canvasses and asking people what issues they cared about and what they wanted to see change in D.C. At first I could tell he was apprehensive to talk to me, but once he did he opened up more. We talked about roads. gerrymandering, war and veterans, the environment, and more. He told me he was a veteran and we talked about how Gretchen’s father, grandfather, and son were/are all in the navy and how veterans and those who serve our country are incredibly important to the candidate. We talked about the issues without any kind of end goal or script, and as we ended the conversation he thanked me and shook my hand and as I walked down his driveway he yelled to me “tell Gretchen she has my vote!”. Having a meaningful conversation with someone, where at they end they feel optimistic and listened to enough to decide then and there that they are going to support your candidate is a really good feeling and makes you feel like you are making a difference.

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