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Going into this internship, I was frustrated with the political climate and situation in our country and wanted to do work to get someone elected who I believed in and wanted to see make change. While that is still true, I have gotten more out of this internship than I could have ever thought possible. I have learned so much about how campaigns work and how press, finance, field, fundraising, communications and more work in ways that can be applicable in other areas in my life. By doing this work I have let a lot of elected officials and have a better understanding of what makes their races different than ours. Through learning all of this, I now have a better understanding of politics in general. I always thought this was something I would do for a year in college that would be a great experience, but never something I would want to do full time or long term as a real job. However, I have changed my mind. With 2020 elections coming the year I graduate college I now think I want to continue this work on important races elsewhere. I always thought I would go straight to law school after graduating with my under graduate degree, but working on this campaign has shown me how important this work really is and how rewarding it is. I now want to take a gap year and continue this work for some time, which I never thought going in would be the case.n I am incredibly grateful that I had this opportunity and am looking forward to the rest of the campaign and what I will continue to learn.

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  • August 30, 2018 at 10:37 am

    Thank you for sharing so much of your experience here, it’s been great to read through your posts from start to finish and see where you started and where you’ve gone along the way.

    It’s awesome that you’ve had a chance to get to work behind the scenes on the campaign and see all that goes into making it happen, but also at the same time had a chance to make a lot of real meaningful connections along the way. Hopefully this experience will help guide and shape things for you moving forward and will allow you to pursue your passions fully.

    I wish you the best of luck!


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