Blog Post Three


Since starting this campaign in September and growing closer with staff and interns this summer, I have grown to find my finance director, Rachel, as a mentor like figure. Rachel has been our finance director since January, and I was one of the first interns to meet her. We have always had a pretty good relationship, but we became closer this summer. Rachel has taught me a lot about the finance side of campaigns and I have coordinated with her by making invitations for fundraisers and doing research on PACS and donors. She has always been incredibly understanding and willing to help teach me new skills. She has been patient with me while I am learning new things and takes the time out of her day while I am at the office to make sure I have interesting and new tasks to do so I’m learning new things, being the most helpful I can be, and not getting bored. I’ve learned how to communicate with high dollar donors, how to make event invitation, how to enter checks, how to determine what information that we get sent should be kept, I’ve learned what makes a good donor, and I’ve learned a little about how managing other people works. I’ve also learned how important it is to communicate through the chain of command on a campaign and how to be an effective leader. Rachel has helped me with personal problems in my own life and has shown be that to be an effective leader, it is important that your treat the people you work for well and not just like they are your employees, which I have always agreed with and admired.

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