Blog Post two


At the beginning of the summer I had the opportunity to go to a local UAW meeting in Monroe with Gretchen Driskell and some other interns, where Congress woman Cheri Bustos was in attendance as well. I got to talk to Cheri, Gretchen, and local union members and hear about their experiences and what they wanted to see in Washington, which was one of my goals for the internship. I got to learn a little bit about the community and local history of the town. Some candidates for local office were there as well and it was interesting to see how both local and federal government come into play with auto work and Unions. I come from a small conservative town in Michigan and it was nice to talk to a lot of people who felt that they had the same problems in their community that I feel I have in mine. I talked to people who were concerned about contaminants in their water and in the Great Lakes and the lack of work done to prevent this and future harm to water, which resonated with me because I am from a town 20 minutes outside of Flint and have seen the effects that poor water quality has on communities.  The event showed me while these people are all unique and have interesting stories and experiences, must Michiganders struggle with similar issues and are just looking for politicians who understand their struggle and will represent them and help them. Canvassing this week I talked to an elderly woman who said it was hard for her to get out and vote and she has lost faith because her community hadn’t gotten better in years and she has lost a lot of her family  and it showed me that people really are struggling, and while their stories are unique, something needs to be done so so many people don’t have to tell their stories of struggles to others on the door hoping something will change after having years and years of no one listening to them.

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