Coming Home | #6

(Note: For the majority of my internship I did not have internet access. I have been transcribing my journal entries into my blog posts!)

I am currently sitting in the Dublin airport getting ready to board my plane back to Detroit. I knew saying goodbye to this country would be hard, but I did not anticipate having an emotional connection with the space I was in and the people I met. Leaving Moy House was very emotional for me. My supervisor, Sarah, and I had an emotional goodbye and she gave me a wonderful goodbye present. I said goodbye to the cows, pigs, chickens, Max and Cheeky (the two dogs on the farm), and my fellow workers all in one day. The next day I boarded my train for Dublin. It felt similar to ripping off a bandaid all at once. I gave myself two days before leaving Ireland to explore Dublin and let myself reflect on these last two months. To be completely honest… I spent a lot of that time in coffee shops journaling and getting a bit teary about leaving. It feels like the right time to leave. I miss my family, my dog, and my friends. When I get back home I am going to be heading straight to the summer camp I work at. This summer is flying by quicker than I have ever imagined.

I am very thankful to my friends who introduced me to the idea of working on a farm this summer. I needed a break from who I am during school; constantly thinking five steps/assignments ahead. I space and time to reflect on the growth I have experienced these last two years of my life. I am thankful to the powers that be that helped me get this scholarship. I would not have been able to grow and learn in Ireland without it. I am thankful to the people I met while in Ireland. The moment I stepped off the plane on May 29th it felt like a home. I do not doubt that I will return. I am thankful to Sarah for teaching me about the Earth in an interactive and fun way. I am coming back home with the greenest thumb thanks to your knowledge and love for what you do. I am thankful to Ireland for allowing me to exist here for two months. Thankful to the sunsets, the sea, the Guinness. When I booked my plane ticket in March or April I was not in the best head space mentally. I needed to excuse myself for a little while to understand my own brain. I am thankful to past Allyssa for jumping at the sign from the universe in the form of a cheap plane ticket. In January I wrote myself a list of hopes for 2018, and the most important one for me when I created the list was “Jump. Do not stand on the sidelines of your life”. I am thankful to my parents for trusting in my ability to know what is best for me, and always supporting me in adventures they don’t fully understand. I am thankful for the Universe for what she continues to bring my way. I hope that I can continue to apply the lessons I learned while in Ireland to my life now and in the future.

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