Geoffrey Reeves Blog Post #1 Michigan Football Strength Staff Intern

Interning with the University of Michigan football team’s strength staff is something that had been on my mind for awhile. I am a player for the team so I have had contact with them in that regard. I am a also a Neuroscience major who one day wants to become a sports medicine doctor. Trying to become a sports medicine doctor, following a strength staff might seem like a waste of time. Why am I not following a doctor? The answer is because I wanted to get closer to the incident of the injury, and how they might be prevented in the first place.

Many people believe that the entire job of a strength staff of a high level football program is to make the players faster and stronger. Another key component, probably the most important of all, is reducing injury amongst the players. Being fast and strong means nothing if the players are hurt for the biggest games of the year, like the first game vs Notre Dame in a few short months. In this internship, one of my main goals is to learn about what techniques the Head Strength Coach Benjamin Herbert uses to help ensure that the players are as ready as possible for the long and grueling season. The techniques that he uses to help prevent injuries, in my opinion, are vital. Once players are injured, doctors follow protocols to help the athlete recover. Preventing the injury in the first place by learning what muscle groups to focus on and what exercises to do is an avenue of sports medicine that is not focused on enough, especially in high school weight rooms, in my opinion.

Throughout this summer, although I am allowed to shadow, pictures won’t be available.

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