Geoffrey Reeves Blog Post #2 Michigan Football Strength Staff Intern

After a week and a half of interning, I’m gassed. The life of a strength and conditioning coach during the summer is tough, but it is even tougher being an intern that is still playing. The strength coaches all wake up at 3 A.M. Theres 5 of them total, with 3 total interns. Two of the interns are grown and about to apply for jobs of their own once they pass their certification exam. Each of the coaches arrives at 3:45-4 am. I was late the first day but I’ve been getting in at around 4-4:15 am.

In a typical work day, I begin by setting up the weight room. Coach Herb comes up with an exercise sequencing based on what muscle groups he wants to stimulate on that particular day. After setting up the weight room, I prepare for the first exercise group at 6 am. Once completed, I shower and eat then come down to help coach the next two workout groups. Those finish at around 1 pm. Once done, the other interns and I clean the weight room in order to ensure that no infection spreads, and that there is no dust around for recruiting visits. After all of that is done, we then complete some sort of project, like the other day we had to paint these boards. Once all of that is completed, it is usually around 6pm. We leave by 7 pm each day. The days are long, but so far they have been a blast. I haven’t had a good opportunity to talk to coach Herb about what it is he exactly thinks about when coming up with the sequences, but I am excited to do so in the future.

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