My Time at “The Storiers” | #3

Towards the end of the first month, things, for the most part, was going pretty smoothly. However, me and one of my supervisors had a bit of creative difference for the longest time. This, while not to an aggressive degree, has brought out some passive tension between us. It never seemed like we were ever on the same page, whether it be from simple conversation to having major creative differences on a project. There was a particular assignment where it was my job to edit the B-Roll sequence of a particular interview. After spending several days on this video and getting fairly positive feedback from both of my supervisors; I found out that the particular supervisor that I didn’t get along too much with took it upon himself to undo everything I did on the video and uploaded it on his own without talking to me. This was very disheartening because it made me feel like this project was a giant waste of my time.


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