Reflection on my Internship #6

Its really sad that I have leave Chicago at the end of the Internship. During the span of my internship, I had finished all the work I need to do as well build a great connection with some of the firm in Chicago. So I guess I just want to do some reflection at the end on the things I can do better through my summer.

  1. Do more research before internship starts: Its always a good habit to prepare oneself before the internship. Just to know about the company and the industry can helps a long way during the actual internship. I did not prepare enough for the internship, so at the beginning of the internship I spent a long time to review cooperate materials and industry, which could and should be done before the internship starts!
  2. Don’t afraid to ask question and reach out to people who can answer your questions: One thing I most regrets during my internship is that I tried to solve a lot of problems by myself through the internship. I can strong problem solving skills as well as great confidence in myself, which is not a bad thing per se. However,  I believe if I reach out to other colleague and advisors more often I should be able to save huge chuck of time as well as build some solid connections with other people in the industry.
  3. Master Multitasking skills: I use to thought I was good at multitasking but working in this internship really challenge my view on how to manage multiple tasks at the same time. There is a couple of days I been swamped with things on my hand still my boss will come to me with some new tasks. I really need to re-plan my day on the run. As the internship goes I become better and better in my multitasking skills, which is super helpful to handle handload stuff in a limited amount of time.
  4. Grab all opportunity you can get: I missed couple of social events and I could never know what kind of opportunity I could run into if I stayed for the events. I went to couple of LSA opportunity hub events and received couple of interviews. Opportunities are rare and valuable, if I redo my internship I will grab as much as I can.

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